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OrthoSport Hawaii, proudly offers Physical Therapy and Medical Fitness services for those dealing with Parkinson’s disease.  Contact us today at 373-3555 or find us on the web at www.OrthoSport.com.


Physical Therapy

Treatment sessions with our highly trained therapists are available under most insurance plans with a referral from your physician.  Upon completion of physical therapy, many choose to transition to our various fee for service options noted below…


Personal training

Trainers work side by side with our physical therapists, and are well versed in Parkinson’s disease.  They will utilize forced rhythmic exercise, balance enhancement, posture and mobility corrective exercise, and functional strength activities, all tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Small Group Classes (8-12 people) 

Our classes are designed to increase your strength and mobility, while instilling a sense of community and support.  Classes include the following:

·         Parkinson’s Fitness

·         Boxing for Parkinson’s

·         Tai Chi (beginner and advanced)

·         Postural Stretch and Restore

·         Beginner’s “Chair” yoga

·         Pilates mat classes

·         Balance and Bones



Dietitian Services

Our registered dietitian is excellent at helping those with complex dietary concerns.  He helps clients develop a very easy to understand, and actionable plan based on their diagnosis and particular goals.  In addition to general dietary advice, he offers dietary planning and instruction for the following specific conditions and particular dietary interests:

·         Neuroprotective diets

·         Anti-inflammatory diets

·         Auto-immune diets

·         Diabetic diets

·         And many, many more….


Call or Text:  (808) 219-8874

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