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Teaching Fitness for People Living with Parkinson's Powerpoint Presentation
Former HPA Board President Kevin Lockette did a presentation on teaching fitness for people living with Parkinson's on Saturday, June 29.  Below is a link to the Powerpoint presentation.
Move-It! An Exercise and Movement Guide for Parkinson's Disease,

written by former HPA Board President Kevin Lockette, is available for download for FREE. 


Visit to order. 

Exercise DVDs that were shared with us as beneficial for Parkinson's

The following videos were recommended by members of the community. 

Please exercise carefully and safely at your own risk.

LSTV Big ~ Homework Alpha Vol 1

Big Movements

Can be purchased on Amazon



Be Fit over 50

Cardio and Strengthening

Therapeutic Fitness

Tone and Sculpt

How it helps Parkinsons


Delay the Disease

DVD~Functional Fitness David Zid

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